A banned book is a READ book.

A banned book is a READ book.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Has Anybody Seen the Invisible Man? Jeffrey A. Brown

Has Anybody Seen the Invisible Man?
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WHEN TED ELIOT, New York cabdriver and Army veteran, sees two men attempting to abduct a pair of young, struggling actresses—men who can turn both themselves and their victims invisible—he should:

A. Get his eyes checked.
B. Get his head checked.
C. Leap from his cab and attempt a daring rescue.

If you’re a wannabe hardboiled detective, the obvious answer is C.
Eliot, an old-school soul in a young man’s body, is crusty, rough around the edges, street smart, irreverent, often politically incorrect, snarky, sexist, funny, impulsive...
And oddly likable, despite his myriad faults.

Blessed with pluck and abundant dumb luck—and not much else—Eliot and actress Becky Towers manage to capture one “invisible man”—even as the other absconds with Tower’s roommate, Patty Robinson.
Eliot and Towers resolve to keep their captive’s abilities a secret. They want Robinson found and doubt that claims involving invisibility will persuade the police to take her disappearance seriously.
But when the “invisible man” escapes police custody and comes looking for Eliot and Towers, they soon learn that, in order to rescue Robinson, they must journey to a world of nightmarish monsters, megalomaniac psychics, and a traitor from their own world.
They learn that seeing isn’t always believing.

And vice versa, too.

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A banned book...is a READ book.